7 Cascades

FRONTSept Cascades, also known as Tamarind Falls, is located near the small village of Henrietta, in the town of Vacoas-Phoenix and its source originates from Rivière Tamarin. Henrietta is a treasure box for adventurers. It is said to be the finishing part of Vacoas as beyond it there is only forest. The waterfalls have a total height of 293 meters and is therefore the highest set of waterfalls in Mauritius. You can find a variety of exotic plants and birds in this calm and enchanted venue. There are also a lot of activities that you can do. It is recommended to get a guide who will help you during the hike as there are not many clear trails to follow. At some points, the hike may be quite challenging but it will be worth the efforts. Bird watchers and nature lovers will enjoy the hike to these waterfalls. Furthermore, part of the water is being used for generating hydroelectric power.


You have to walk around 300m to the falls’ entrance which is near a temple. On your right, a path leads to the first waterfall, but the path is not really easy to find. Like so many other places in Mauritius, this place is still 100% nature which means no fences or paved roads. There are 7 waterfalls, but you will find out only the first three can be reached pretty easily by hiking. The fourth should be more difficult. If you love to hike, you’ll have a very good day when going there. If it rained recently, the paths will be slippery and you need to be at least a bit active to complete the trek down and back up. However, it’s not comfortable for kids. But overall, it’s a great experience to be down the waterfalls and the view is quite amazing.


You then walk to a dirt road into the bushes leading to the second waterfall. The descent to reach there is steep and not easy for beginners. It is slippery and you can easily fall down if you do not wear a good pair of hiking shoes. When you’re down the path, you’ll see that you are on the highest point of the seven waterfalls. The view is already amazing at this point and you will see the view looks different from every waterfall. You usually meet with tourists throughout the hike. You can also spot pigeons throughout the hike.


There’s a path going under the waterfall on the other side over the water, from there on it will not be difficult to follow the path. The view downstairs is unbelievable. Different types of fruits and flowers are also available there. I managed to grab a few shots of them. I was also trying to mastering my device under different types of lighting.


Remember to keep our island clean. You will not regret your visit.


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